Service Industry

Topic Strategy Topic Guest Date
Changing Role Of Real Estate In Strategic Decisions Business Model;
Mike Lackland 05/26/2009
Growing Your Business Through Improved Service Improved Quality Control Tom Isenberg
Mike Lackland
Growing Your Business Through Strategic Alliances/Joint Ventures Joint Ventures;
Strategic Alliances
Larry Kesslin
Sam Young
The Logic Behind Organic Growth Versus Acquisition with Tom Isenberg, President Western Extralite, Inc. Acquisitions;
Geographic Expansion
Tom Isenberg 01/10/2012
The Secrets to Managing the Creative Process with guest Margery Krevsky, CEO, Production Plus—The Talent Innovation;
Promotion of Existing Products to Existing Customers and/or Markets;
Promotion of New Products & Services to Existing Customers and/or Markets
Margery Krevsky 05/18/2010

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