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Growing Your Business Through Retaining Top Talent

Growth Strategy: People
Industry: Real Estate

Guest Joe Cervasio is the President of the Bluegreen Institute, a division of Bluegreen Resorts. Bluegreen is a rapidly growing business in the very competitive industry of timeshares. it is necessary for them to bring in large numbes of employees who must become familiar with the product very quickly, learn the value proposition, and hit their goals early on. they have an excellent track record retaining top talent,, so tune in to gain lots of knowledge about employees retention during this show.
Joe Cervasio

Joseph R. Cervasio founded Diversified Global Strategies in 1997 to coach high level executives, develop strategic planning for Fortune 500's, lead executive searches for professional sales and marketing executives. Formerly Joe was Vice President of Talent Performance Management for the Resort Division of Bluegreen Corporation. In his role as President of the Bluegreen Leadership Institute, his creativity, sales and marketing experience, and writing and speaking abilities within a performance and learning environment fueled a reengineering effort to have the company achieve its target of $650+ million plus in revenues in 2008. The acquisition, selection, development, deployment, and retention of talent were central steps in this Talent Relationship Management Process His accomplishments have allowed Joe to become an acknowledged keynote speaker, moderator, and guest lecturer. Two books written and published by Mr. Cervasio. Bad News on the Doorstep, and Now or Never: The 11 Secrets of Arimathea..

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