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Ethics & Compliance As A Surprise Competitive Advantage

Growth Strategy: Improved Marketing & Sales
Industry: Legal

Joe Murphy of compliance Systems Legal group join The Growth Strategist and discusses "Ethics & Compliance as a Surprise Competitive Advantage" with host Aldonna R. Ambler, CMC, CSP. Mr. Murphy is co-editor of "Ethikos", a publication on corporate compliance and ethics and just recently published his sixth book on the subject. Learn how to keep your organization from causing harm and how this can truly be a competitive advantage for your firm.
Joe Murphy

Joseph E. Murphy, a partner in Compliance Systems Legal Group, and Vice Chairman of Integrity Interactive Corporation, has worked in the organizational compliance area for over twenty-five years.

Mr. Murphy is Co-Editor of ethikos, a bi-monthly publication on corporate compliance and ethics. He has lectured and written extensively on corporate compliance issues, and is the lawyer for the Pharmaceutical Industry Compliance Forum. Mr. Murphy is co-editor of Compliance Programs and the Corporate Sentencing Guidelines: Preventing Criminal and Civil Liability (Clark Boardman Callaghan; 1993 & annual updates), with Jeffrey Kaplan and Winthrop Swenson, and is currently working on a new book, Working For Integrity: Finding the Perfect Job In the Rapidly-Growing Compliance and Ethics Field. Other writings include "The Self-Evaluative Privilege," 7 J. Corporation L. 489 (1982); Interactive Corporate Compliance: An Alternative to Regulatory Compulsion (Greenwood Press; 1988), co-authored with Dr. Jay Sigler; and Corporate Lawbreaking and Interactive Compliance (Greenwood Press; 1991), also co-authored with Dr. Sigler.

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