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What Can Your Clients Leverage/Gain from Your Innovations?

Growth Strategy: Equity Deals;Innovation;Promotion of New Products & Services to Existing Customers and/or Markets;Promotion of New Products to New Markets
Industry: IT,Communications

Learn from CEO of TelX, Eric Shepcaro, how TelX has grown 30%/yr to $225 Mil in gross revenue and 17 data centers since 2006 through a consistent focus on helping their corporate clients leverage their innovative technologies. Learn why TelX’s employees consistently put the company on Crain’s list of the 50 top places to work in the NY metropolitan area. Hear how TelX evaluates and finances its innovations. Learn how they expanded from 100% telecom clientele to serve the entertainment, financial and other industries. Hear the logic behind if/when TelX would seek equity financing, sell their business, and/or execute an IPO to continue its rapid growth.

Find ways for your clients to leverage/gain from your innovations…and their progress will drive your growth as well as theirs.


As Chief Executive Officer and Director for Telx®, Eric Shepcaro is responsible for leading and directing the strategy, growth and operations of the company.

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