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How to Achieve Economies of Scale When There is a High Cost of Credit and Limited Financing

Growth Strategy: Rollups
Industry: Financial Services,Business Services

Learn from #1 on the 2012 INC 500 list of the fastest growing privately held companies. A rising star in the payment processing industry, Unified Payments, Inc. has been growing at the rapid rate of over 23,000% across the past 3 years. Learn how Ukrainian born Oleg Firer ascended from small apartments on Coney Island to become the youngest manager in the WIZ chain of stores 15 years ago to being the CEO of a $60 Mil/yr business that processes $10 Bil of payments for over 100,000 merchants today.

Imagine the challenges involved with rolling up 8 competing companies in distressed equity situations as the recession was starting in 2007. Hear how and why the leaders of those businesses are still on Firer’s team. Learn why and how Unified Payments has continued to grow when most rollups do not succeed. Hear Firer’s answers to host Aldonna Ambler’s direct questions about financing, the role of attorneys, the need for sustained innovation, managing extraordinary growth, and the challenge of projecting volume during uncertain times.


Oleg Firer is a seasoned executive with deep knowledge and experience in the payment processing industry.

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