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International Strategic Alliances with guest Ronald McFarland, UNIKA Company Limited

Growth Strategy: Business Model;Strategic Alliances
Industry: Manufacturing

One of UNIKA’s many product/service lines is business incubators for startup companies in China and Vietnam. Entrepreneurs who rent UNIKA’s factory space also use their dorms, cafeterias, meeting rooms, administrative services, copiers and printers. They can also leverage UNIKA’s purchasing power. Hear lessons learned about various cultures, international contracts, and strategic alliances.

Ron McFarland

Ron is an American Japanese speaking long-time Japan resident. From 1980-2000, he gave sales and management seminars to Isuzu Motors dealerships in over 60 countries with rapidly expanded sales.

Currently, he is in the cutting tools industry at Unika Company Ltd establishing distributors worldwide. The company is having exponential sales growth and is helping small companies on global projects.

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