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“Yes. It is Possible” with guest Linda Boardman of Applegate Farms - Encore Presentation

Growth Strategy: Business Model;Distribution Channel Control;Improved Quality Control
Industry: Manufacturing,Retail

Linda Boardman, president of Applegate Farms, was once with Whole Foods, one of Applegate Farms largest customers, until Applegate Farms CEO, Steve McDonnell, believed that his company was worth an investment in a president and brought Boardman into the company. Hear how Applegate Farms has improved its infrastructure, expanded its distribution channels, and has grown to over $100 Mil/yr in the past few years. Learn how they have expanded their executive team, addressed cultural changes, and worked through shifts in roles.

With nearly 20 years experience in Marketing, Communications, Private Label and Product Line Management, Linda Boardman was well prepared for her current position as President of Applegate Farms, a leader in the natural and organic meat industry.

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