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The Role Of The CEO - From Success To Significance

Industry: Business Services

What decisions do you make when your business is profitable and you are making good money and have a nice life style? Some business owners choose to coast. Some make no conscious decision. Some choose to establish second and third enterprises to prevent boredom and not interfere with the day-to-day operation of their core business. Others choose to invest in the transformation of becoming the CEO of a larger enterprise. The high life for one is a plateau for another. Clearly, many growth strategy decisions are more about the owner than the business or the marketplace. Join host Aldonna for a lively discussion about “THE ROLE OF THE CEO – FROM SUCCESS TO SIGNIFICANCE”. Her guest will be award winning entrepreneur Susan Ascher of The Ascher Group, which is a premiere provider of contract human resource professionals. Hear how Susan’s networking skills and involvement in non-profit endeavors has fueled her soul and helped to grow her business.
Susan Ascher

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