Guest Profile

Howard Greenspan

Company: SCS Direct
Location: CT
Industry: Business Services,Marketing

Howard Greenspan, Owner and President of SCS DIrect Inc, has been marketing and reselling products over the past 13 years through the
internet. Over this impressive run, SCS has not only been profitable every year since inception, but has increased sales every year, despite fluctuating economies, competitive pressures, and consumer demands. In 2012, SCS Direct expects earnings of approximately $50 million, employing approximately 70 people.

Greenspan attributes the success of his company to a dedicated workforce, committed to making decisions and taking ownership of their
actions without bias or red tape. Under Greenspan, SCS Direct prides itself on its unique ability to be adaptive to all situations. If an opportunity arises, the company can change even with its size on a moments notice. From product mix, to geographic penetration, to strategic focus - SCS Direct is an ever changing company that evolves at a rapid rate. Each year in retrospect proves to be completely different that the year past.

Greenspan graduated the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton school in 1993 with a major in Entrepreneurial Studies and Marketing. Upon graduation, Greenspan worked for 6 years at the Danbury Mint, MBI, as first a Program Manager, and finally a Product Development Manager when he ultimately left in 1998 to start his own business. Greenspan has been continuously entrepreneurial since he was 9 years old selling popcorn and candy in parades, and has started and run businesses non-stop since. From a pencil selling business in Elementary school, to paper routes, to selling test study aids in college, to the introduction of the infamous Beanie Baby Tag protector, Greenspan has operated dozens of businesses culminating with SCS Collectibles, now SCS DIrect Inc. SCS Direct Inc currently operates two retail locations, GamingEtc in Stratford CT, and Giant Steps Toys in Fairfield CT, sells on under name ToysNGamesEtc, and operates its corporate headquarters in a new location in Milford CT.